Ways To Prioritize Technical Debt To Manage It Effectively

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If you have technical debt, then it will affect your business. Research says that about a day’s work per week is lost in paying technical debt. At this rate it is bound to affect your business in a negative way. The question that might arise in your mind is how much time then you should actually spend on it. Refactoring, prioritizing, cleaning your code really takes time. For this reason, you must know how much priority you should give to technical debt and invest it in cleaning up the codes.

Time Is Important

Given the situation, if you give too less a time and importance to it, your project hen collapses due to its own unmaintainable feature and you need to rebuild your project once again. Whereas, on the other hand, giving too much importance and time to it will result in very slow progress in shipping any features. Then too your business collapses. So, it is very important you find the tradeoff time first, by prioritizing your open source codes. It will benefit you as open source codes, if maintained properly, will facilitate in permeating the other remaining closed sources in the industry.

The Process Followed

There is a specific process followed in prioritizing open source projects. A ratio of technical debt percent issues can help you in this matter. This ratio is actually of the total number of closed tech debt issues to the total number of closed issues. If you separate all the issues with a tag regarding issues on technical debt like refactoring and clean up, you can see the difference yourself. The percentage ratio will reflect the way how different open source projects prioritize their job regarding tech debt.This ratio will help you in prioritizing and effectively manage your existing tech debt.

Things To Consider

Now is the time to consider a few things very closely. The realities of each project, their programming languages, their weightage with regards to contribution, age of it, everything has to be taken into account and scrutinized very precisely. You may also tend to think that there must be a specific time in a month to consider all these, but there actually isn’t any. If you even think that the total number of issues is the prime factor for prioritizing, then also you will be wrong in your methodology.

Open Source Management

It is evident that open source management is the key to the successful running of your projects without and tags. If you find any, then it is better to handle it in time and do not procrastinate on the issue. Delaying the issue will need a lot of time to rebuild the whole project and fall back in the race for existence.There is actually no time of the month to do it and it is best to keep the ratio of issues percent below 15 percent for the optimum result.With this amount of time dedicated in paying your tech debt, you can be sure of all your projects running successfully providing the desired result.

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