How Automation Cloud™ Public Sector Improves Customer Experience

Customer Experience

In late 2021, the White House released its “Executive Order (EO) on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government,” which directs federal agencies to streamline government modernization. This includes finding ways to reduce administrative burdens, improve employee productivity, and improve citizen satisfaction.

And since the launch of the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, United States (U.S.) government agencies have been accelerating their migration to the cloud to achieve scalability and reduce costs. But the pressing reality is that many public administrators must find ways to achieve the goals of the EO with the same level of resources. Enter robotic process automation (RPA).

UiPath: Your secure, compliant solution automation in the cloud

Federal, state, and local governments, and their partners are deploying RPA and artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline workflows and deliver more accurate and timely public services—many of which are now completed in the cloud. On April 7, 2022, UiPath Automation Cloud™ Public Sector achieved In Process status from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). The UiPath In Process designation at the Moderate Impact Level means the offering is on the path to FedRAMP authorization. UiPath Automation Cloud Public Sector is the first and only pure-play, end-to-end automation platform on the FedRAMP Marketplace to achieve this designation.

This major milestone for UiPath can accelerate agencies’ path to implementing the EO by enabling secure and compliant access in the cloud. As a result, agencies can deliver faster, more personalized customer experiences (CX) to citizens.

Why automate?

With the release of the current White House EO comes a new era in digital transformation for government agencies. Here are some examples of how secure cloud automation can enable government agencies to improve customer experience and increase trust, accelerate agency missions, boost employee morale, and reduce risk.

Increase response time and quality

U.S. citizens expect on-demand, digital, and quick access to public services. Automation improves customer experience by freeing up government employees from repetitive, mundane, time-consuming tasks. This gives them more time to do high-value work, such as directly serving citizens.

For example, agencies across government use automation to streamline the contact center experience. Automation reduces call hold times and abandonment rates, and frees up agents to solve problems and improve customer service.

Automate workflows to achieve mission

Secure RPA operates at the user level and can automate workflows between legacy and modern systems to facilitate digital modernization and increase value of legacy systems that are difficult to modernize. Secure RPA can also help agencies move data from a legacy system into the cloud. RPA is a low-cost solution that can be implemented within existing government infrastructure while connecting disparate systems.

Boost employee morale

Automation software is a workforce multiplier and a way to boost employee morale. Many government employees are strapped for time when it comes to completing daily tasks. RPA can help automate typically mundane, low-value tasks and redirect your employees’ efforts to more complex, higher-value tasks. An added benefit is RPA’s ability to also reduce errors. It also allows employees to focus on more meaningful work that contributes to their career development and enables them to better support the mission.

Reduce risk and achieve compliance

Automation can help agencies achieve compliance without overburdening existing resources to do so. The ability of automation to address the surge in demand for resources needed to accurately meet compliance mandates is a huge value to agencies across government.

Starting your RPA journey

Each day, federal agencies are transforming how they work and finding innovative and faster ways to deliver public services to their citizens while streamlining government operations. The time for automation is now. UiPath Automation Cloud Public Sector is in preview and available to public sector customers.